March 30, 2017
Top 5 Reasons to Attend User Conference Banner

How To: Convince Your Boss to Send You to Camelot User Conference

Hopefully you are already aware that Camelot’s 2017 User Conference is coming up this May 11th and 12th. This two-day conference will be held uptown Charlotte and has numerous benefits for you to attend. But, how can you convince your boss to agree to send you? See our top reasons to attend the 2017 User Conference and present the letter below to your boss to convince him/her that it is vital for you to attend. And if you are the boss, read our benefits and letter to convince yourself what you already know- that you need to attend the 2017 User Conference! Camelot User Conference Attendance Request I am writing to request [company name] sponsors my attendance to Camelot’s 2017 User Conference in Charlotte, NC May […]
January 5, 2017

3PL WMS Comparison Guide Features Camelot

Researching and comparing WMS solutions specifically for 3PL providers can be an overwhelming and tedious task. There is a wide variety of 3PL WMS providers and an even larger variety of capabilities offered. A simple online search can be ineffective in accurately comparing various vendors functionality so Software Advice conducted extensive research and created a guide comparing top WMS software vendors. Camelot 3PL Software has been featured as a top WMS provider in the Software Advice Guide to the top WMS vendors for logistics providers. This guide compares 7 top 3PL WMS providers and demonstrates the strength of 3PLink’s value-added services features and other 3PL-specific features compared to other top vendors. “Across the board, 3PLink is one of the strongest solutions for logistics providers that […]
January 5, 2017

Planning for Disaster, is it too late?

It is great when a process or procedure has been refined to a point where there is no excess energy exerted to achieve optimal results. This equilibrium exists in many industries, including warehousing, in large part due to advanced technology. For instance, picking procedures with wireless scanning has enabled a forklift driver’s utilization rate up to 99%. But what happens when disaster approaches and our technology and processes fail us? Power lines go down, internet goes down, a tornado rips through the server farm, or worse, damages part of your facility. How many catastrophic events can you not only survive, but also avoid a reduction in production? Does your team know how to print out a paper pick ticket now that you’ve been used to […]
January 5, 2017

How To Know if Your 3PL WMS is Working For You?

Warning: All systems are NOT Created equal. Wondering if your WMS is really working for your business? You are not alone. The 3PL supply chain industry has exploded over the past decade with an increasing number of logistics partners serving a variety of industries. The days of picking the best software solution for your warehouse from a quick Google search are over. How can you possibly choose which provider is the best fit for your warehouse without defined requirements? Even worse, how do you know if you chose the right one? The answer is actually quite simple: determine what your WMS is actually costing you. Not just how much money you pay, but what other resources, time and opportunities are you losing. Keynote speaker, Scott […]