Camelot 3PL Software was founded in 1984 and introduced its 3PL WMS to the third party logistics industry. Since then, it has evolved from a Cobol development platform to a Dynamics NAV development platform keeping 3PLink on the cutting edge of technology. 3PLink has been deployed in hundreds of 3PL facilities across the United States, Canada, Central America and Europe. Camelot is a Certified Microsoft Dynamics NAV Partner, licensed to develop productivity tools and enhancements for the third-party logistics industry.


We provide solutions to make third-party logistics easier

Camelot 3PL Software offers solutions to fit small, medium and enterprise logistics operations.

3PLink is an integrated suite of applications built to manage a world-class 3rd Party Logistics operation. Whether it’s a Public Warehouse, Fulfillment House, Freight Brokerage, or Transportation Company, 3PLink can handle it with ease.

Camelot Consulting provides an array of services to implement and support the 3PLink BMS applications. Camelot also provides Business and Accounting consultation services to support businesses in 3rd Party Logistics.

Quality & Innovation

Camelot’s Software development team spends thousands of hours every year on Quality Assurance and testing for every update and upgrade version release. Camelot provides software development on-demand for specific client projects, as well as think-tank R&D to develop new and exciting solutions.

An enhancement forum is maintained by Camelot Developers and Camelot’s User Group where enhancements are shared and designed in a collaborative environment. These enhancements are then added to the software package continually.


The company headquarters are located in Charlotte, North Carolina.


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