Business Intelligence

Businesses run on Intelligence, not data. BI brings together data from across your various organization’s operations to provide insights to make critical business decisions. By examining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), managers can easily identify opportunities of improvement. This information can be consolidated into dashboards and scorecards to easily monitor the health of your operations and set a benchmark to compare whether metrics are doing well or falling behind.

Labor Tracking
& Reporting

Excalibur offers users the ability to track Labor activity in several ways. The most detailed level of Labor Activity is through the task details for different types of activities. To summarize these activities, the system can store time entries by resource, transaction, and work type in order to further analyze how much time is spent doing certain types of activities, spent on certain accounts or monitor how many hours each resource is working.

With this information, intricate KPIs can be generated that will allow managers to analyze various productivity metrics. Those KPIs can also be displayed via reports and productivity dashboards.

& Profit Analysis

3PL businesses never come up short in the creativity department when figuring out new and different services to offer their customers. As a Business Stakeholder, it is important to monitor revenue and costs for these various services to determine the viability of expanding on certain specialties or focus back on core competencies.

It is vital to identify which clients generate the most revenue for your company, but also to understand the cost structure in supporting such an account. The highest revenue account may also represent the least profitable account when a warehouse dedicates additional labor resources to satisfy demand. Being able to track labor costs and compare it against revenue, will allow you to monitor your winners and losers.


Excalibur on Dynamics NAV includes a powerful built-in report writing tool that allows users to write any report, using any data across the entire BMS platform.

Receiving, Shipping and Inventory reports can all be modified with ease to include additional information to adhere to Client Specifications.

Excalibur® WMS

Excalibur® WMS can operate every facet of your warehouse and keep you on the cutting edge of technology.

Complete Warehouse Management Solution especially for third-party logistics, public warehouses, public refrigerated warehouses, and packaging fulfillment operations

Multi-client, client-owned Inventory management

Run as a stand-alone Billing and Inventory system for 3PL warehouses, or integrate with a full suite of financial management and accounting modules available for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system